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Marketing in China can be basically done as everywhere else in the world. Nevertheless, there are many differences in culture, language and consumer habits, which can make marketing to a big challenge for foreign brands. It is very important as well, to consider the social structures in China – so for example the introduction of foreign brands should always focus on fist and second tier cities. Further to this, content marketing in China vital. As most Chinese consumers are very content driven, foreign brands should not only translate their marketing or website content, but focus on creating new content tailored to Chinese culture which emphasizes a brand story that differentiates the brand.
This is what we emphasize when doing marketing in China.

Build a local website

Customers in China will also look you up your band online. Thus, you should provide a local website with your content to communicate your value proposition. Also, a proper website, possibly with online store can influence strongly your conversion rate. Make sure you don’t just translate content but tailor it to your Chinese target group.

Search Engine Optimization

Most online traffic on your website will be created by search engines. Thus, it is very important to have a high listing so your potential customer finds you. SEO is for most brand normal nowadays – But don’t forget that Google does not work in China. Thus, we focus mostly on Baidu and Bing, as well as other local search engines. Also placing ads at these search engines is possible and might give you the growth needed.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing in China works as everywhere else in the world. But consider that Facebook, Twitter and co. are not accessible. So instead we focus on the local platforms as Weibo and WeChat and communicate your message there. Especially, marketing and sales on mobile applications is a new trend which is expected to continue. Also, Social Influencers or Key Opinion Leader (KOL) are becoming more and more important – especially for the younger generation.


To strategically choose your target segment is nowadays very important. Targeting is a powerful tool, which can help to save resources and reach the right group of people. You can show ads to visitors who already left your page, or target consumers in a certain area first. But most important is, that targeting give you the chance to define a group of people you want to reach, while saving resources on consumers which don’t fit your segment.

Online Reputation Management

We gather data, as for example product reviews, customer feedback and comments, in order to analyze and understand the market. Ratings and reviews are crucial to the number of sales you can do on E-commerce platforms – thus it is highly important to understand why your consumers are happy or not. With this information we can also develop strategies to improve your reputation online as well help to boost positive ratings.

Costumer Relationship Management

To convert or acquire a new customer is quite costly, while to maintain the relationship of existing customers is much easier and cheaper. Thus, it is important to focus on a well-designed CRM system, which enables you to hold your customer base while growing. We can create new content, write E-mail newsletters or organize events to bind your customer to your brand.

Faciliating Referrals

In the modern world we are all connected by the internet and everyone trusts a personal recommendation more than any ad. Thus, it is important to give initiatives for recommending and referring your products.
We can set up a well working word of mouth marketing campaign which foster referrals and the spread of your brand.