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Market Entry China

Market Entry China

To enter the Chinese market can be difficult for many foreign companies and brands of all sizes. But because of increasingly difficult market conditions and slower growth in Europe and the US, China has become an attractive market for many foreign companies and especially brands. The continuing growth and the potential to become the largest global economy, leaving the United States behind, is a promising perspective. Nevertheless, China is still a country with many cultural and structural differences compared to Western countries, so that an extensive cultural knowledge and experience, as well as China’s administrative procedures are of high importance, in order to succeed the market entry. We are specialized in distribution in China, as well as establishing brands on the Chinese market. Thus, we can support your brand from market research and strategy development until successful implementation and ongoing brand management. With this approach we aim to enable foreign brands and businesses an easy, smooth and successful entry into China.

Market Research

With an extensive market research, we can help you get a deep understanding of the local market potential, as well as competition and consumer base. We will provide key market insights in order to help you to forecast sales and make objective decision based on numbers. This approach will uncover potential risk and highlight best strategies to enter the Chinese market.

Market Strategy

In order to set up a successful operations or distribution in China, it is crucial to get your strategy straight before entering the Chinese market. We can help you to sort out, with mode of entry is the best for your case, to find right partners and location. If you want to form your own entity, or just set up the infrastructure to distribute your products, we can list pros and cons for your strategic approach. The strategy development also includes considerations of legal and administrational aspects which should be considered before deciding on how to enter the Chinese market.

Business Development

Only with a deep understanding of the Chinese market, as well as consumers and their behavior a brand can be firmly established in the Chinese market. By connecting our strength in distribution and marketing we can support you to enter the Chinese market successfully. Whatever your strategic approach is, we can help to establish your brand in China in a firm and legal way with all necessary registrations and a strong commitment to build your brand for Chinese consumers.