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Brand Protection

Brand Protection

Approximately 70% of all counterfeit goods worldwide are coming from China. This shows that the Chinese market not only offers great opportunities for foreign brands, but also a huge challenge in regards to brand protection. The key to protect your interests and your brand in China is a strong Intellectual Property Portfolio: What does that mean? This means that every brand which wants to sell successfully in China needs to apply for the right registrations as trademarks. This is important because China works on the approach “First to File” – this means whoever files a trademark first owe it. Further to this we can also support you with the fight against “fake” goods, due to monitoring the market and going against offenders. All of this can be an unsolvable task when not being familiar to the market, but is essential especially to big brands which need to protect their exclusivity. We stand on your side to step in for your interest and protect your rights in China.

What we can do:

Trademark and other official registrations

Counterfeit goods monitoring

Open official flagship stores online and offline

Take legal actions against offenders