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We are your partner in China
Reach your individual target group in China
We distribute your products on one of the worldwide biggest markets

We are your partner in China handling marketing, sales, logistics, and distribution of any type or volume of consumer goods.

Sino Euro Lead is a service provider for foreign brands in China. We are specialized in distribution and marketing on multiple sales channels – online and offline. We can help your brand to enter one of the biggest markets worldwide, or just grow you brand recognition. Besides establishing your brand and leading it to success in China, we also help to protect your interests and make sure you are in control.


E-Commerce: China has the biggest E-commerce market worldwide. We are experts in placing your products on platforms as, and many more.

M-Commerce: Mobile commerce is a huge new trend in China, which is initiated by many mobile applications as WeChat. We know where and how to place your products in order to reach your target group.

Teleshopping: Even though the online commerce is growing fast, teleshopping is still an efficient way to sell many products. With our network of teleshops we can promote your products also on TV.

Offline Sales: With our sales team, we can distribute your products offline as well – both B2B and B2C. besides we have a broad network of retail shops which are working in cooperation with us.


Strategy Development: With our experience in China we are not only able to distribute your products, but also develop your marketing strategy in order to reach your target group. Besides this, we can also execute this strategy in cooperation with you.
Market Data Analysis and Research: Due to the language barrier and many differences in consumer habits, a proper market analysis and research in China can be difficult. With our local team we can gather and analyze consumer data and research your market segment.

Social Media Marketing: Facebook, Twitter and Co, are blocked in China, so that it is necessary to work with the local social media in order to be successful. We do Social Media Marketing for you on Weibo, WeChat and other platforms.

Web Presence in China: We can help you to build up your Chinese website, improve search engine listing and marketing on local search engines, as Baidu and create the needed marketing content in Mandarin, to make sure your customers can find you.

Brand Protection

Approx. 70% of counterfeit goods worldwide coming from China. The Chinese market not only offers great opportunities, but also a huge challenge for international brands. The key to protect your interests and your brand in China is a strong Intellectual Property Portfolio. This includes the right registrations, monitoring the market and going against offenders. All of this can be an unsolvable task when not being familiar to the market. We stand on your side to step in for your interest and protect your rights in China.

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We help companies worldwide with their market entry in China according to their personal needs. As distribution expert, legal partner or marketing support.   We can support your business when entering one of the fastest growing markets worldwide – China.


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